S B C Token Allocation

Total token supply: 10 Billion
S B C Token Allocation




Before the height of 52000, BTC holders of Huobi, AEX(btc38), Octaex, GBCAX, Bitpie which explicitly support SBC snapshots, can get SBC airdrops.


The first sidechain of EOS! SBC main network soon will launch!

At present, the registration fee of EOS is high and RAM is really expensive. It becomes a great obstacle for projects and users in the EOS ecology. The EOS sidechain needs is urgent, therefore OneChain team will launch the first sidechain of EOS, named SmartBitcoin(SBC). SBC will greatly reduce the cost and technical threshold for EOS users. It‘s a cheaper Dapp development platform and sure will make the EOS ecology more prosperous. It will also support the BTC sidechain soon.


SBC is the first sidechain of EOS, a cheaper Dapp development platform. SBC also will support BTC sidechain soon.